Item: Wild Star 3D Blackletter Set
Price: $18.00
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Our font license terms can be viewed here. Please get in touch if you have any licensing queries.

It’s time to add another dimension to my popular Blackletter font Wild Star 😎
Every letter, number, punctuation & icon glyph from the Wild Star font has been remodelled with 5 different 3D chrome effects, including Pink, Crystal, Gold, Chrome & Holo. Each glyph is included as it’s own separate high resolution .png image on a transparent background – that means a total of 540 .png images are included, compatible with any graphics software (roughly 1100px tall)! Drag and drop each character into place to create stunning, sharp, stand-out display text.
👉 Please note, this is not an installable font, but a collection of high resolution letters, with a 3D style applied in a .png image format. The original font can be purchased here; Wild Star Font Duo
Thanks for checking it out, and feel free to get in touch if you had any queries!

~ Sam

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