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Build Your Own Font! My First Course

Back in 2021 I teamed up with my buddy James Martin (a.k.a. Made By James to bring you the MBJ Font Collection which still remains as one of the most popular fonts on my website. James & I have wanted to collaborate on something ever since, and I’m really excited to bring you our next project which is my very first font making guide; Build Your Own Font.

This is something that has been requested from me many, many times over the years and I’m so glad to be able to finally provide it for you! The Build Your Own font guide is a 14 page .pdf course written by me, aimed at beginners looking to turn their hand lettering into an installable, type-able font using the Fontself plugin for Illustrator. It goes into specific detail showing you exactly how I draw my letters, scan and digitise my lettering (that little magic bit that takes it from paper to vector text), and build, space, and kern characters within the font software. It also gives advice on selling and licensing fonts vs. creating fonts for client projects.

Now here’s the best part, you can get 20% OFF the font making kit with my own discount code; SETSAILXMBJ

I really hope you find it useful, and I look forward to teaming up with James again in future to bring you more font-related goodness!

~ Sam


Check out the Build Your Own Font course here;

Build Your Font Course →

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