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Set Sail font features in Zoella’s latest collections


So, we all know who Zoella is, right? The superstar vlogger was recently named as the top beauty influencer by Forbes magazine. But, like me, you may not have known that she has also launched her own range of bath and skin products under the Zoella Beauty brand – and they look fantastic! OK – I might be a little bias, as we were super excited to see our font ‘Faith & Glory‘ being used to display the product titles across her latest beauty collections; ‘Jelly & Gelato‘ and ‘Snow’ella‘.

The summer range of ‘Jelly & Gelato’ features bright and colourful designs and a retro pastel colour scheme, which quite frankly looks good enough to eat… most likely because it’s inspired by jelly & ice cream! By contrast, the ‘Snow’ella’ Christmas range feels fresh & snowy, yet cosy and comforting; designed in festive green, rose gold and featuring beautiful botanical patterns. Yet despite the contrasting designs, ‘Faith & Glory’ perfectly compliments both styles, with it’s rustic charm and handcrafted vibe – and we absolutely love the gold foil effects in both product ranges.

So if you’re looking for a versatile & charming font for your product design – you might want to take a look at Faith & Glory, available to purchase from our very own font store. Oh, and if you’re looking for something for your girlfriend/wife/daughter’s christmas present, you might have just found that, too – especially if she’s a fan of awesome product packaging and well-chosen typography!

~ Sam

Take a look at Faith & Glory for your next design project!
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