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Northwell Font Takes to the Skies!


Our rustic handwritten font Northwell has seen some fantastic success since its release, but now for the first time I can say that one of our fonts has quite literally taken off!

Finnair, the flag carrier and largest airline of Finland, used Northwell across a range of media to boost their marketing & promotion throughout the 2017 holiday season. Not only was the font used across Finnair’s social media pages, promotional material and gift products, it was also used in a festive makeover given to a range of aircraft and coaches – alongside one of Santa’s very own reindeers. Now that’s a goal achieved which I never even knew I had!

Who knows what’s next for Set Sail fonts – outer space? Your guess is as good as mine, but be sure to keep an eye out for more of Northwell being used at Finnair throughout 2018.

~ Sam

Take a look at Northwell for your next design project!
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