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Drinks Brand Unleashes Energy With Avallon Font

Exotic drinks manufacturer Rubicon recently launched their new brand RAW Energy, and needed a raw, high energy font to match. With it’s intense, organic paint strokes and rough, unrefined edges – my brush font Avallon fit the bill perfectly, living up to the brands tagline to ‘Be a Force of Nature‘. These drinks certainly won’t be hard to find on the shelves – with the font being used for the unmissable ‘RAW’ logo on the cans themselves. The font was also used throughout marketing & promotion, displaying the brand taglines and reinforcing the high-octane messaging.

My font Avallon also includes an ‘SVG’ version, which has even more natural brush-stroke detail built-in each of the letters, using new Opentype-SVG technology. Check out the product below and see it in action for yourself!

~ Sam


Take a look at Avallon in my Font Shop for your next design project;

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