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Brush fonts breathe life into Dessert Brand

Gü Desserts were looking to reclaim a piece of the brand’s distinctive, contemporary history in a global rebrand undertaken by the team at Outlaw Collective. My fonts ‘Boston Skyline’ and ‘Avallon’ were selected to provide uplifting, impactful and dynamic typography to breathe life into the brand—used in everything from the new ‘Gü Desserts’ logo design itself, to the product packaging and webfonts.
While Boston Skyline was selected as the primary script font throughout the brand, Avallon was used for a special edition ‘Mixology’ range. The textured, liquid-like movement of the Avallon letters perfectly align with the cocktail-inspired concept.
I must admit I was already a big fan of their cheesecakes but this has taken it to a new level 🤩

~ Sam


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