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FIFA 22: Powered by Lacuna Font

EA Sports FIFA 22, the 29th instalment in the FIFA video game series, was proudly announced in summer 2021 with the new slogan, “Powered by Football”. This was a direct reference to the groundbreaking new “HyperMotion” gameplay technology, which uses motion capture data collected from a real, high-intensity football match where all 22 players wore motion capture suits. Pretty innovative stuff—and to promote their new message, FIFA now needed some high energy & captivating typography, with my hand-drawn marker font ‘Lacuna‘, fitting the brief perfectly.

Lacuna was used extensively for FIFA’s ‘Powered By’ slogan, making up the focus word throughout a variety of marketing materials including promotional videos, advertisements, product packaging, sponsorship backdrops & much more. With the font including 4 sets of all-caps characters, each drawn with a real marker pen, Lacuna was able to provide a personal, custom-looking tagline each time the slogan was used for various teams, players, and catchwords.

To be a part of this game 26 years on from when I played my first FIFA game in 1996, is a very special personal achievement.

~ Sam


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    Congrats mate, quite an achievement! Jesus, you are doing God’s work, why there are no comments. In times of social media interaction abundance I feel bad when people do not engage enough on places like this one. Keep up the good work!

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