Ed Sheeran Marks his Return with Hyperwave Font

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Ed Sheeran Marks his Return with Hyperwave Font

The Official Charts Company’s Artist of the Decade Ed Sheeran recently dropped ‘Bad Habits’ — the lead single of his upcoming fifth album, and his first solo release from an album in over 4 years. Ed opted for something totally different to his past ventures, and portrayed himself as a flying vampire in the official music video. Such a striking and energetic visual style required a font to match, and this is where my own ‘Hyperwave’ fit the bill perfectly. This high energy, all-caps marker font was used to display the song title on the official artwork, video, and various promotional material — including projections onto a number of landmark buildings around the globe, such as the Tate Modern in London.

Funnily enough I crossed paths with Ed in a local music venue many years ago before his first album release. I bet he can’t believe how far I’ve come since then.

~ Sam


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