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Our font license terms can be viewed here. Please get in touch if you have any licensing queries.


VIOLENT DESIRE is an edgy hand-made font which packs a punch.

The font is all CAPS however does include various alternate capitals in the lower case form. Also included are numerals and basic punctuation.

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    Hey Sam! Loving all of your awesome freebies! Of course any chance I get I buy as many of your fonts as I can.. that’s my “guilty pleasure” :). I somehow didn’t realize you had so much work over at Design Cuts! Thank you for so generously sharing your awesomeness! I wanted to ask about the licensing for your freebies here. I didn’t see the terms anywhere, and I always like to know before I even save items to my OneDrive, because I separate them there by the type of license. Thank you! I’ll be looking forward to your reply! Have an amazing day and upcoming weekend!


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      Hi Kaila! How’s it going? Yeah the guys at DC are awesome, always a pleasure working with them. And you’re very welcome, I’m glad you’re enjoying the freebies and it’s great to give something back to the design community. I’ve got another freebie font in the works soon! So all of my freebies here are distributed under the Set Sail Studios Standard License which can be viewed here;

      I hope that helps and have a great weekend yourself!

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