Six Typography Tips in 1 Minute!

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Six Typography Tips in 1 Minute!

Hey everyone, here are a few of my quick tips when it comes to working with fonts in your designs.

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    These are great tips! Good reminders. Is there a rule about cutting off the tail of the final letter in a word when it comes to script fonts? I know the tail is there in order to tie in with the following letter when there is one, but what to do if its last?

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      Thanks Mat! Good question – I think it’s probably just down to your preference, it’s pretty standard for final letters to have a tail in traditional calligraphy, so there’s no strict rule with it. Personally I prefer more ‘handwriting’ style fonts without the tails at the end of the word as it looks like more naturally handwritten text. Sometimes it can look a bit weird by simply cutting off the tail if the letter wasn’t designed that way, so I like to try and include alternate letters without tails to give you that extra option. E.g. My font Northwell has a set of connected and unconnected letters between the standard and alternate sets.

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