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Opulent SVG Font • Install & Use


Hey guys! In this video tutorial I take closer look at my font Opulent, with a quick guide showing how to use the SVG version in Photoshop and Illustrator. Check out the font in my store below!

Opulent Font →

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    Hey there! This font is beautiful! I just purchased it and wasn’t paying attention that I can’t use the SVG file in InDesign? Am I able to rasterize it there to change color as well? Thanks!

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      Hi Ashley, thanks so much for your purchase! I’m glad you like it. The SVG won’t work as typeable text in ID unfortunately – you’d need to type it out in Photoshop or Illustrator, colour & rasterise it there (or save it as a .png), and then paste that into ID as an image. The ‘Brush’ and ‘Solid’ versions however will work completely as normal in ID.

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