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For personal, contracted & small commercial use
  • Use in contracted (client) work
  • 1 installation (computers)
  • Unlimited impressions on non-sellable products
  • Up to 1000 impressions on sellable products
  • Use as live website text

For bespoke licensing
  • We can tailor any license to your needs – for specialist requirements such as broadcast TV/film or web server installation please drop us a message via the Contact page to discuss!



License FAQs


1. Can I use your fonts in a freelance project or contract work for a client?

Yes. If you or your client intends to sell more than 1000 of these end products, you will need to purchase an Extended License. If you create the end product for a client, your rights to purchased items are transferred from you to your client.


2. How many times can I use the font I’ve purchased?

You can use purchased fonts on an unlimited number of projects.

  • Standard License holders may install the font on 1 computer
  • Extended License holders may install the font on up to 5 computers
  • If you need to cover more installations, simply purchase an additional license (e.g. 2x Extended Licenses covers 10 installations)


3. Can I redistribute the font files I’ve purchased?

You may not redistribute the original TTF/OTF font files beyond the number of installations permitted by your license (see point 2). You may not include the original font files in any sellable product (e.g. website/graphic templates).


4. What license is included with your free downloads?

Our free downloads are not bound by any license and you are free to do what you wish with them! The only restriction is that you may not re-sell the font under any circumstance.


5. Can I use your font on my website?

Yes, you may use the font on your website as a live webfont or in a flattened image format.


6. Can I use your font on my app/publication/web-based video/ebook?

Yes, however these uses are only permitted with an Extended License. The extended license permits use of the font in 1 app & 1 ebook release title.


7. Can I put a font on a server so my customers can make their own printable or digital products using your font?

This would not be covered by our Standard or Extended licenses. However, we can definitely accommodate this usage with a bespoke license quote. Please contact us to discuss.