Say hello to the Instaquote Lettering Kit! A handcrafted collection of 10 fonts & 14 social media templates designed to work in harmony. Not only can you mix & match different styles of handwritten fonts to create beautiful typography, you can also place it on custom, handmade backgrounds in a flash.

Work from pre-made Photoshop templates (PSD files) or design your own from scratch using individual transparent image elements (PNG files). It’s everything you need to create stylish social media feeds & custom typography designs, bespoke to your brand, in one handy product.


  • 10 Brand New Handwritten Fonts – Designed to mix & match (see full list below)
  • 14 Social Media Templates – Fully layered & editable Photoshop files allow you to design your own custom-typography style posts
  • 14 JPG Backgrounds – All social media templates are provided as flat JPG files without text
  • 16 High-Resolution Transparent PNG Elements – All background elements in the social media templates are provided as transparent PNG files, so you can create your own posts from scratch in any software.


  • Sticks & Stones • A hand-painted, all-caps brush font with a big impact. Contains a full set of alternates (switch between upper & lowercase glyphs).
  • Broadstone • A stylish handwritten font with an inky texture. Works great in all-caps as well as lowercase.
  • Sugarboat • A quirky all-caps font with extra charm. Contains a full set of alternates (switch between upper & lowercase glyphs).
  • Summer Serenade • A playful, bold all-caps font. Pairs great with Moonlit Boardwalk.
  • Homeward • A bouncy & fun handwritten monoline font. Pairs great with Hummingbird.
  • Hummingbird • An all-caps monoline font for easy to read smallcaps. Pairs great with Homeward.
  • Heartstrings • A messier, carefree handwritten font.
  • Heartstrings Alt • A full set of upper & lowercase alternates for the Heartstrings font.
  • Bloomfields • A classy, cursive monoline font with bags of style.
  • Moonlit Boardwalk • A bold & modern calligraphy font with an eye-catching charm. Pairs great with Summer Serenade.
  • Foxglove • A bouncy hand-painted script with lots of energy.

All fonts include multilingual support (see final image for full list).

No special software is required to use the fonts provided. A copy of Photoshop will be very handy so you can open the layered templates provided, but not essential – all template elements are provided as separate image files for you to combine with the fonts yourself, using any graphics software. So what are you waiting for – grab a copy and get going!

We hope you enjoy it! As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries or run in to any trouble.

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